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Choir membership scheme 2021-2022


The polyphonic equivalent of a mystery book club for your choir! At prices scaled to the number of singers in your group, your annual membership includes:

  • three new pieces per year, 3 or 4 voices, 2 to 4 minutes long
  • accompaniment scores for the pieces
  • backing tracks in equal and meantone temperament
  • material for programme notes
  • performance tips from Musica Secreta
  • additional score+extras of “Adoramus te, Christe” from the Biffoli-Sostegni manuscript
  • additional 5% discount in the store until 31 August 2022

Membership prices reflect a further 20% discount on top of our normal discount for multiple copies.

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Number in choir Without membership With membership SAVE
up to 12 £116.50 £67.32 £49.18
13-16 £137.95 £89.76 £53.47
17-20 £164.35 £105.60 £58.75
21-24 £180.85 £118.80 £62.05
25-32 £184.80 £147.84 £69.31
33-40 £263.35 £184.80 £78.55
41 and above £289.75 £205.92 £83.83

Membership will bring you three new scores per year – autumn (third week of September), winter (first week of December), and spring (third week of March) – at a further 20% saving to our normal multiples discount, with free accompaniment scores and audio tracks in equal and meantone temperament, along with exclusive programme note information and performance tips from Laurie.

Pieces are in either three or four voices and are between two and four minutes long. They are works we would choose for our own workshops: never so challenging that they will leave you flummoxed, but with performance points that will add to your polyphonic skills. Often seasonal – to fit into Christmas or Easter programmes – and always fabulous, they are exclusive to the membership for the year, after which we open them up to general purchase.

We would love to hear your performances, too, and so if you share them with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), we can share them with our other followers. If that’s not your style, then simply contact us on contact @ musicasecreta.com or fill out our contact form here.