About Musica Secreta


Sarah Dunant and Deborah RobertsFor twenty years, Musica Secreta – co-directors Deborah Roberts and Laurie Stras – has been at the forefront of the discovery and interpretation of music for and by early modern women.
We bring together internationally-acclaimed musicians and ground-breaking research to perform this fascinating and continually emerging repertoire.

Our programmes illustrate the many faces of women musicians in the 16th and 17th centuries: courtiers, courtesans, actresses and cloistered nuns. There is always an element of story-telling, theatre, and surprise, in our performances, for the women who first made our music had lives as compelling as the music itself.



Lucrezia Borgia’s Daughter

We are delighted to announce that our forthcoming CD, Lucrezia Borgia’s Daughter, will be released on Obsidian Records early in 2017.  We are particularly pleased to be working with Obsidian, a label that has established itself as a leader in bringing together the highest standards of scholarship, musicianship, and production to their releases. More….

Workshops & info for choirs

Al fresco workshop in Triora

Al fresco workshop in Triora

With many years’ experience as both performers and coaches, Deborah and Laurie have gained an international reputation for their imaginative and informative workshops.

Always challenging and exciting, the topics reflect their intimate knowledge of the Renaissance and early Baroque repertoires. Whether Old World or New, polyphony or chant, Deborah and Laurie (together or individually) can help your choir venture into new territory and introduce you to some fabulous music. Single sessions, days or weekends can be devised to suit your choir’s interests.

For those looking to expand their horizons even further, Deborah also runs occasional workshops, combined with a delicious short break away, at her home in Triora, a small town nestled in the mountains on the Ligurian coast, close to the Italian border with France. Visit the Triora Musica website for details of early music courses for singers and instrumentalists;  there is more information and photos on our Musica Secreta in Triora page.



Reviews for Sacred Hearts, Secret Music

The dark tale of Serafina (Sophia Brumfitt) a young novice was full of longing, mysticism and even some humour, all illuminated by exquisite music of the period, Ferrara in 1570. The mixture of careful research and fine delivery, More….