Anthony (Tony) Newcomb: an appreciation

We are so sad this evening to hear the news of Tony Newcomb’s passing. His book, The Madrigal at Ferrara, 1579-1597, was our go-to reference for many years and the inspiration for the projects that led to recordings, concerts, and research of our own. His meticulous readings of documents, his insightful analysis that only could come from a deep and extensive knowledge of the repertoire – gained by hours and weeks and months of transcription – helped us first to understand the true significance of music at Ferrara. He was a supporter and a true friend of our ensemble, and was always delighted to receive news of our current work. His encouragement was vital to the long process of bringing Women and Music in Sixteenth Century Ferrara to publication, especially as one of the editors of the series in which it was published. Laurie last spoke with him at the beginning of November, and the following day received word that his copy had arrived, to great excitement. We are so grateful for everything he gave us. Vale, maestro.