Working with Choirs

Together or individually, Laurie and Deborah can introduce challenging and exciting topics that reflect their intimate knowledge of the renaissance and early baroque repertoires, as well as performance styles and techniques. Whether polyphony from around the world, or chant, they can help your choir venture into new territory and introduce you to some fabulous music.  Single sessions, days or weekends can be devised to suit your choir’s interests and aspirations.

Just for women…

Musica Secreta is keen to encourage female-voice choirs and ensembles to experiment with renaissance and baroque repertoire, just as we have, in order to be able to perform a wealth of music that has remained too long under wraps! Single workshops can introduce the basic rules for arranging that were used by the nuns. With a few simple guidelines and pointers towards repertoire that is both accessible and suitable for a range of abilities, female-only groups can transform their libraries overnight.

Getting your choir started

We have put together some repertoire, and some advice for how to find or create even more, on a page for choirs looking to expand their horizons: Music for female-voice choirs.